1. Spring Roll$7

cabbage, carrot, celery, vermicelli w/ sweet chili plum sauce

2. Crispy Finger Shrimp$9

wrapped with egg roll skin w/ tomato-mint dip

3. Curry Puff$10

diced chicken, potatoes, onions w/ cucumber salsa

4. Thai Fresh Roll$8

mixed green, lettuce, mint, tofu w/ tamarind-hoisin glaze and peanut

5. Chicken Satae$10

skewer w/ mixed diced cucumber, red onion and peanut dip

6. Spicy Wing$9

w/ Sriracha-tamarind sauce

7. Thai 51 Dumpling$9

chicken and shrimp w/ black bean vinaigrette

8. Vegetable Dumpling$9

Spinach, carrot, snow pea w/ black bean vinaigrette

9. Crab Rangoon$9

imitation crab meat, celery, scallion, cream cheese w/ honey-mustard dip

10. Nancy Crepe$10

chicken, peanut, radish w/ tomatoes chili sauce

11. Fried Calamari$10

mixed flavor powder w/ tomato-mint dip

12. Fried Golden Bag$9

chicken and shrimp w/ sweet chili sauce

13. Coconut Shrimp$10

battered w/ breadcrumbs, sesame seed w/ spicy mayo shrimp


14. Green Leaf Salad$9

fresh mixed green, red onion, carrot, cucumber w/ peanut-tamarind dressing

15. Miso Salad$9

romaine lettuce, bread crouton w/ ginger dressing

16. Thai Papaya Salad$10

long bean, tomato, peanut w/ chili lime dressing

17. Mayo Calamari Salad$11

romaine lettuce, carrot w/ spicy mayo dressing

18. Duck Salad$11

red onion, scallion, cashew nut, pineapple w/ spicy roast chili sauce

19. Lemongrass Shrimp Salad$11

lettuce, mint, cashew nut, red onion w/ chili lime sauce

20. Beef Salad$11

romaine, tomato, shallot w/ roast chili paste dressing

21. Avocado Salad$10

lettuce, red onion, mixed green, tomato w/ginger dressing



Choice of:

Vegetable or Tofu$8



Seafood Mix$12

(Shrimp, Calamari, Mussel, Fish and Scallop)

22. Tom Yum Lemongrass Soup

mushroom, onion, cilantro in spicy Thai’s famous broth

23. Tom Kha Galanga Soup

mushroom, onion, scallion in coconut broth

24. Wild Basil Soup

mushroom, basil in clear broth

25. House Green Soup

green leave, napa in mild-clear broth


Choice of:

Vegetable or Tofu $16

Chicken or Mock Duck$17

Beef or Shrimp $18

Seafood Mix$20

(Shrimp, Calamari, Mussel, Fish and Scallop)

26. Massaman Curry

onion, potato, peanut in mild-coconut milk

27. Panang Curry

string bean and bell pepper in coconut milk

28. Red Curry

bamboo shoot, basil, bell pepper in spicy coconut milk

29. Green Curry

bamboo shoot, eggplant, basil, bell pepper in spicy coconut milk


Choice of:

Vegetable or Tofu $16

Chicken or Mock Duck$17

Beef or Shrimp $18

Seafood Mix$20

(Shrimp, Calamari, Mussel, Fish and Scallop)

30. Original Thai Basil

spicy dish bell pepper, onion and dice of string bean

31. Sukhumvit Garlic

broccoli, carrot, napa

32. Mama Ginger Dish

celery, mushroom, scallion, onion, pineapple and yellow bean

33. Sweet and Sour Deluxe

cucumber, pineapple, bell pepper, tomato, onion, scallion

34. Prikhing Dried Curry

bell pepper, string bean in dried curry paste

35. Roast Chili Cashew Nut

celery, bell pepper, onion, broccoli, chili paste

36. Eggplant Vegetable Duck

onion, basil, bell pepper

37. King’s Rama

broccoli, carrot, napa w/ curry peanut sauce

Fried Rice

Choice of:

Vegetable or Tofu $16

Chicken or Mock Duck$17

Beef or Shrimp $18

Seafood Mix$20

(Shrimp, Calamari, Mussel, Fish and Scallop)

38. Sukhumvit Fried Rice

onion, scallion, diced tomato, Chinese broccoli and egg

39. Pineapple Fried Rice

onion, scallion, curry powder, cashew nut and egg

40. Basil Fried Rice

broccoli, bell pepper, onion and egg

41. Jade Fried Rice

green curry paste, basil, onion, snow pea and egg

42. Thai-American Fried Rice

onion, bell pepper, basil, bacon and egg

43. Herb Fried Rice

ginger, basil, scallion, roasted chili and egg

44. Tom Yum Fried Rice

onion, scallion, tomato, lemongrass, galanga and egg


Choice of:

Vegetable or Tofu $16

Chicken or Mock Duck$17

Beef or Shrimp $18

Seafood Mix$20

(Shrimp, Calamari, Mussel, Fish and Scallop)

45. Pad Thai Noodle

rice noodle, scallion, bean sprout, bean curd, radish, peanut and egg

46. Pad See Ew Noodle

broad noodle, Chinese broccoli and egg

47. Drunk Man Noodle

broad noodle, onion, basil, bell pepper and egg

48. Bangkok Noodle

broad noodle, radish, peanut, scallion, bean sprout, sesame, egg and romaine

49. Pad Woon Sen

napa, ginger, scallion, mushroom, onion, bean sprout and egg

50. Basil Spaghetti Noodle

onion, bell pepper, tomato, sesame and egg

51. Drunk Woman Noodle

broad noodle, onion, basil, bell pepper, tomato sauce and egg

52. Pukhet Noodle

egg noodle, Chinese broccoli w/ black bean sauce

53. Tom Yum Super Bowl

bean sprout, scallion, broccoli, ground peanut and chili paste in Tom Yum

54. Lard Nha

crispy egg noodle, broccoli in gravy black bean soup

Grilled Dishes

55. Pork Chop$23

marinated w/ cilantro seed and Thai herb w/ spicy tamarind dip

56. Chicken Breast$20

marinated w/ cilantro seed and Thai herb w/ spicy sweet chili sauce

57. Roast Honey Half Duck$28

broccoli w/ honey brown sauce

58. Tammy Salmon$28

string bean, broccoli, carrot w/ spicy tamarind sauce

59. Tokyo Salmon$28

broccoli, carrot, mushroom w/ teriyaki sauce

60. Fillet Red Snapper$20

papaya salad w/ roasted rice tamarind sauce

61. BBQ Chicken$24

grilled half marinated chicken w/ papaya salad and chili tamarind sauce

Additional Specials

62. Green Spaghetti Salmon$28

w/ snow peas, bell pepper, broccoli w/ creamy green curry sauce

63. Jumbo Shrimp in Clay Pot$24

vermicelli mixed w/ bell pepper, mushroom, napa, celery anf ginger

64. King's Salmon$28

tender crispy, broccoli, carrot in gravy peanut sauce

65. Seafood Basil Combo$25

(shrimp, calamari, mussel, fish and scallop) onion, bell pepper and green pepper corn

66. NYPD.$28

tender crispy half duck sautéed w/ Pad Thai noodle, bean sprout, scallion, peanut and egg

67. Spicy Tamarind Whole Fish$32

crispy red snapper w/ spicy three flavor sauce

68. Golden Chicken Breast$22

battered w/ bread crumb honey mustard sauce

69. Nakorn Chicken$24

crispy half chicken w/ yellow curry rice & chili cucumber dip

70. Steamed Lime Fish$22

fillet of white fish, napa, broccoli w/ ginger lime sauce

71. Roasted Red Duck$28

half duck, pineapple, cherry tomato, bell pepper in red curry sauce

72. Tamarind Prawn (Grilled or Fried)$24

broccoli, carrot, snow pea in spicy tamarind sauce

Side Dish

Steamed Vegetable$6

with black bean soy

Steamed Broccoli$6

Extra Meat$4

Peanut Sauce$3

Chili Fish Sauce$2

Brown Rice$4

Jasmine Rice$2

Yellow Rice$6

Sticky Rice$4